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Welcome to your new vending partner.

Your absolute vending solution for cooldrinks, snacks and coffee in the Western Cape.  

We're the best in the business.

And no, we're not just saying that. 


We've got more than 25 years of experience as the Western Cape's top vending provider, and many happy clients that have trusted us for decades.

Right here is where you'll find your own perfect vending solution – tailored to your business, and run with maximum efficiency.

Our vending services


Snack vending machines

Make your corporate catering simpler with our vending solutions. 

Whether you want to chomp on some chocolates or crunch on a bag of crisps, Atlantic Vending can provide a range of delicious snacks and treats.

Cooldrink vending machines

Feeling thirsty? Twist open an ice-cold bottle of your favourite, freshly-vended soft drink.


We stock Coca Cola vending products but also collaborate with Kingsley, The Beverage Company and others to vend all your favourite cooldrinks.

Coffee vending machines

Conveniently made to craft your favourite 'cuppa', you're can enjoy the perfect hot drink  with our industrial coffee machines.


Our machines use expertly-roasted coffee beans that are freshly ground and brewed fresh at the touch of a button.

Combination vending machines

Combination machines that vend both cooldrinks and snacks are also available.


For the health-focused: never fear! We will gladly curate and stock a selection of your favourite health products in your machine.​

What sets us apart


Reliability is our mission

We have a permanent team of technicians on our staff whose sole responsibility is to ensure you have the smoothest vending machine experience.


We focus on fast & efficient service

We pride ourselves on a 24-hour complaint turn-around time, meaning any issue with our vending machines will be resolved by our expert technicians in a day or less.


We invest in quality payment systems

All our vending machines are equipped with highly reliable cash systems and/or cashless readers, ensuring a seamless vending experience for every customer.

Our partners

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