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Vending Machine Repairs and Servicing


Have an issue with your vending machine?

Atlantic Vending Company is a proudly South African company offering vending machine services in the greater Cape region.

With over 25 years in the industry, decades of expertise and our “can do” attitude, we are the preferred vending repair option for many businesses.

We have vending machine technicians who have the ability to get damaged or out of order vending machines back on track and making the sales you need.

Workmanship Guarantee

With every vending machine repair or service, we provide a professional warranty for the issue addressed: so you can rest easy knowing your machine is covered by our long-term support.

Ready to have your machine fixed?

If you are ready to have your machine fixed, send us an email or contact us via our phone number below and we can arrange to view and repair your vending machine.

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